ASDR Standard Blue Merle Australian Shepherd


Journey loves everyone! She is the most chill and laid back of all the girls.  She has a gorgeous fluffy thick double coat and sheds a bit more than Teva and Moxie.  She is our snuggle-bug!  She has a low energy level for an aussie and loves to be under foot and curled up next to you wherever you are.  She does like to fetch and play games too!  She really loves the water and likes to swim!  Her beautiful blue eyes and smiling face are hard to resist when she bats her lashes at you for a treat!  We love her easy going demeanor - fluffyness and friendly kisses when we get home!



AKC Standard Black Tri Australian Shepherd


Moxie fits her name to tee - she has plenty of it.  She is shy at first but once she gets to know you, she loves her back scratched and tummy rubbed.  She's taken the position of our family watchdog.  She always lets us know when the evil UPS/FedEx/USPS or anyone else pulls into the driveway she doesn't know. Her favorite things to do are go on long car rides, follow you on a walk or hike, or just hang out and patrol while you work. She is often our daughters shadow while she plays outside keeping a keen eye on things.  She has a medium to high drive, great recall, and a beautiful medium double coat.  We really love her markings and her eagerness to please!



Mini/Standard Red Merle Border Aussie

Teva is the matriarch of the aussie clan here at MilkyWay. Teva thrives on snuggles and attention and while she loves to play she is very low energy most of the time. She is very much a velcro dog and is by our side most of the day - unless she's busy chasing Ridge or telling on her housemates. She pretty much runs things around here.



AKC Standard Red Tri Australian Shepherd


Blaze has amazing blue eyes and a medium drive.  He is always playing tag with the girls and wanting for you to throw his stuffed llama.  He also likes to steal pillows...he doesn't chew them...just carries them around...LOL! He doesn't snuggle as much as the girls, but enjoys a good scratch in the right spot. Blaze has a shorter hair coat, not as fluffy as Journey's, but still handsome!

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