What our families are saying...

Thank you to everyone for keeping in touch and sending us updates.  We love it!


Journey/Blaze Litter


"Hey I just wanted to pop back in and compliment you guys on such a good upbringing for Digo. It blows my mind how good he is. He has been housebroken for weeks and he’s just as content laying around all day or going for a 4 mile hike.  So smart and obedient."

Digo's Owner


Journey/Blaze Litter


"Everyone adores Ellie.  She's really smart.  Ellie’s a hugger...and a kisser."

Ellies's Owner


Journey/Blaze Litter


"He just loves our chihuahua. He literally squeezes in her crate with her whenever she goes in there and lays down. He doesn’t realize how much bigger he is than her now.  He does so good though.  When I put him on our bed he knows it’s time to calm down."

Ace's Owner


Journey/Blaze Litter


"She is attentive and responsive, plays well with other dogs, sensitive, great in the car, which is her “couch on wheels”, very smart, curious, energetic with an “off switch”. (I generally get her out for 2 good walks/hikes/ski 2,4,6 miles per day). I look forward to teaching her about swimming!"

Rosie's Owner


Teva/Blaze Litter


"Some updates on Autumn.  She's such a character and so smart.  She fell asleep with a ball in her mouth. (Of course we took it away for safety reasons).  She's been amazing!"

Autumn's Owner

Jessica R

Teva/Blaze Litter


"We love her SO much. She’s so smart. She’s a great frisbee catcher. Knows all kinds of tricks and we go to school every Tues.  She’s awesome and such a good kid"

Ruby's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"She has learned her boundaries on the lawn, how to stay and wait, and how to play catch with the frisbee. We love her so much and are still so grateful that you and your family gave us this opportunity to have such a smart and loving dog!"

Bella's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"She was very popular at the airport.  Lots of ahhhs. She didn't make a peep during the flight, was quiet and extremely well behaved. Kids and her are getting along great."

Scout's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"Seriously, what ever you did with Orion worked. The vet said he's the smartest dog ever. WE ARE SO IN LOVE...HE IS SOOOOOO SPOILED! Thank you for bringing Orion into our lives.  We get so many compliments on how beautiful, well behaved, and smart he is. We are very blessed owning our own blessing. Thanks again for all the time and love you raise those puppies with. "

Orion's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"Ollie is 52lbs currently and a VERY good boy! We’re working on a couple more tricks as of late but we know all the basics, and his favorite things are his rubber balls, his antler chews, and his cousins! Just wanted to say how much I appreciate my boy and how thankful I am to you guys for letting him come home with me ❤️❤️❤️"

Ollie's Owner


Journey/Blaze Litter


"When the kids go in (the water) at the lake she worries about them when they splash each other so she barks up a storm.  She wants to play with the chickens soooooo bad. But she’s a good girl and listens to sit and stay"

Willow's Owner

Jessica G

Journey/Blaze Litter


"She is adjusting wonderfully and fits in the family! She is so easy going"

Nova's Owner

Jessica M

Journey/Blaze Litter


"Loki is doing great. He has chilled out a lot in the last couple of weeks, he loves to get crazy a couple of times a day but likes to sit and cuddle too. Went on a hike today and he was keeping all the kids in check. Thank you for such a great dog. He fits right in with the family."

Loki's Owner

Jessica T

Journey/Blaze Litter

Chase and Brookie

"We love them."

Chase and Brookie's Owner


Teva/Blaze Litter


" He is very smart, funny and lovable. He loves to be with his family but seems to do just fine when I run errands during the day. We are doing a basic manners class and the instructor thinks he is a super star because he does everything she asks of him when we are there but when we get home not so much! LOL! He gets along nicely so far with other dogs, wants to play with most of them. I can get him to do basically anything with cheese, absolutely loves cheese!! I seriously think he understands me when I talk to him but like the kids doesn’t always listen. We are enjoying him very much and love him so."

Huck's Owner


Teva/Blaze Litter


"You guys love and care for the puppies right from the beginning so when we get them they are just amazing little guys and gals!  I wouldn’t buy from a different breeder..."

Mollie's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"Otis is so loyal, loving, and has a funny personality. We couldn't have picked a better dog ❤"

Otis's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"We had a wonderful experience getting our puppy from Milkyway Border Aussies! It was great meeting Chad & Rhonda, they were so nice and you can tell they really care about their dogs. I would recommend them!!"

Luke's Owner

Laura Jean

Teva/Ridge Litter


"She is obsessed with balls, and frisbees. We have an apple tree and she thinks each apple is a toy. If we are at the camp and she seems to disappear, you can hear the water moving because she went swimming. She loves shadows and light reflections on the wall, she tends to entertain herself if we're not playing with her. She is so FULL of energy and curious about everything. She now has 3 siblings who cannot keep up with her. She is the sweetest soul. She truly is a blessing, and I thank you guys for letting us adopt her."

Nala's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"She turned out perfect"

Amber's Owner


Journey/Blaze Litter


"Thank you again..she has been a blessing since she has been here.  She is such a good pup though...already knows how to sit, give paw... give hugs! Oh and when she wants water and her bowl is empty she brings it to me every time!"

Callie's Owner


Journey/Blaze Litter


"She and our lab are getting along great...We couldn't be happier with her, She's such a great addition to our family!"

Stella's Owner


Journey/Blaze Litter


"Our experience with Milky Way border Aussies was phenomenal from the very first conversation. My fiance had always wanted an Australian Shepherd so when our dog passed and it came time for us to welcome a puppy into our family we knew thats what she would be. I spoke with several different breeders in my search for an upcoming litter that would fit our needs and my conversation with Rhonda and Chad is what made the decision for us. They patiently answered my questions, chatting with me for well over an hour one night about what to expect with the breed as well as how they raise the puppies and their own dogs and plans for an upcoming litter. They continued to answer my frequent questions and sent me pictures of the babies as quickly as they could after they were born. Rhonda and Chad kept in touch with me throughout the next 8 weeks as we waited to be able to bring our baby home. We finally met our Luna at the puppy party when she was 6 weeks old and we were madly in love. Luna has been a wonderful addition to our family brining us hours of entertainment and very strong throwing arms. She is smart, energetic, and so incredibly sweet not to mention absolutely beautiful. I would recommend MilkyWay Border Aussies without hesitation."

Luna's Owner


Teva/Blaze Litter


"Just wanted to let you know Lily (Teva’s litter) is doing great! She’s enjoying her first spring, all the new sights and smells are clearly exhausting. Thank you so much for her!"

Lily's Owner


Teva/Blaze Litter


"Maggie is adjusting very well and is great with my other dog and the kids. She is a very sweet girl!"

Maggie's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"Cass is awesome! He listens well and is full of energy all the time!"

Cass's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"Keeva is doing great.  She's very healthy and energetic. Very sweet and loving to the entire household. Keeva has no issues with fireworks or gunfire. We've had a couple of great visits from Otis, they love playing together. "

Keeva's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


Tucker being the family baby with grama!!

Tucker's Owner


Teva/Ridge Litter


"His favorite move is to give hugs where he hops up and wraps his front paws around his humans"

Tubby's Owner